Crystallized Honey August 30 2014

Crystallized honey warming methods


If you have kept your honey for a while and it has crystallized, first check out the post about using it in skin care, but also know that this is completely natural and even a sign that your honey is genuinely pure honey.  

However, it is very easy to re-liquify:

Our personal favorite method:

Put an inch of water in the bottom and top of a double boiler. Heat on the lowest heat setting possible on your range. Place bear or jar in the top of the boiler, no lid, and let warm until liquid.


Put the jar in the sun for a few hours.


Boil water in a pan so that the water level is just below the cap or at the height of the honey in the jar.  Allow the water to cool off for about 10 minutes then place the jar into the water, cover with a lid and leave overnight.  

Please don't put your precious raw honey in the microwave