Pollen Plus: Bee Pollen Benefits for Weight Loss and Physical Activity January 30 2015

The benefits of consuming bee pollen to assist with pollen allergies are fairly well known but this wonderful natural product can help us in so many more ways.

At this time of year a lot of people are trying to lose a few pounds and focusing on improving their physical activity – bee pollen can be a wonderful help in these areas too!

Bee Pollen contains Phenylalanine, an amino acid which as a natural appetite suppressant – all completely naturally and safe.  Phenylalanine actually works to balance the body by signaling fullness if you need to lose weight and hunger if you need to gain weight, pretty amazing.  Science has tried to copy this phenomenal amino acid and there are numerous ‘weight loss’ products containing phenylpropanolamine – a man-made product that comes with lots of warnings!  Why subject you body to chemicals when a beautiful natural product like Pollen Plus can help.

Bee Pollen also contains about 15% (by volume) lecithin.  Lecithin helps flush fat from the body.  Lecithin rich bee pollen is also known to help cholesterol by lowering LDL (low density lipoproteins - the bad one) and increasing beneficial HDL lipoproteins.

Bee Pollen is also known to help eliminate cravings.

Famous German naturalist Francis Huber called bee pollen ‘the greatest body builder on Earth”. 

The British Sports Council discovered that taking bee pollen can help increase strength by as much as 40 – 50% Wow!  Pass the Pollen Plus!

Of course to get all of these wonderful benefits the bee pollen you take has to be viable.  It’s a delicate product that was not designed to sit in plastic bags etc. bees collect it and mix it with honey – that’s exactly what we at San Diego Honey Company do.  As we like to say ‘we just copy what the bees do because they know what they are doing’.  By blending the bee pollen into the honey with our proprietary process that does not heat the pollen or honey above the raw stage we believe we have created a potent delivery system for the miraculously beneficial bee pollen.  Our raw honey perfectly preserves the honey and the natural enzymes and the pH of the honey help to break the pollen down into a more easily digestible product.

Try some Pollen Plus, it's also absolutely delicious!

Pollen Plus