Skin Care and Honey August 30 2014

Honey is a great beauty treatment!

Don't be too upset if your honey crystallizes - it makes a great face scrub!  To use as a scrub wet your face with a little water first or for dry skin a schmeer of Coconut Oil.  

Honey is also very moisturizing and helpful for acne due to it's anti bacterial treatment. When honey is in contact with the skin the salinity and lower pH of the skin activates an enzyme in honey which converts the glucose into gluconic acid and fresh hydrogen peroxide (borrowing a hydrogen atom from the moisture (H2O) in the skin).

Crystallized Honey August 30 2014

Crystallized honey warming methods


If you have kept your honey for a while and it has crystallized, first check out the post about using it in skin care, but also know that this is completely natural and even a sign that your honey is genuinely pure honey.  

However, it is very easy to re-liquify:

Our personal favorite method:

Put an inch of water in the bottom and top of a double boiler. Heat on the lowest heat setting possible on your range. Place bear or jar in the top of the boiler, no lid, and let warm until liquid.


Put the jar in the sun for a few hours.


Boil water in a pan so that the water level is just below the cap or at the height of the honey in the jar.  Allow the water to cool off for about 10 minutes then place the jar into the water, cover with a lid and leave overnight.  

Please don't put your precious raw honey in the microwave

Ancient Honey August 30 2014


Apiculture, the practice of beekeeping, dates back to at least 700 years BCE and it is believed that honey use dates back as many as 20 million years!

Honey has been revered by ancient cultures and it is believed that Alexander the Great was embalmed in honey.  Honey was often reserved for the wealthy and even offered to the gods by the ancient Egyptians.

In Roman times honey was used to treat soldiers' wounds which was actually quite wise since honey is anti-bacterial.  It is still used in wound care today and has been found effective against even the nastiest bacteria such as MRSA.

Pollen Plus ® Information July 22 2014

San Diego Bee Pollen

Pollen Plus® is one of our most popular products that people keep coming back for more. Lots of fresh bee pollen is carefully blended into our Local Raw Honey to preserve all the benefits of both. 

Pollen Plus® is especially popular with people suffering from pollen allergies.  We cannot give medical advice, nor do we wish to, but we can say that the testimonial evidence from people who say this product makes them feel great is overwhelming.  We even have customers who feed it to their dogs and are very happy with the results.

Fresh bee pollen is quite fragile and should be kept frozen immediately after harvest. Once the pellets become hard (like gravel) your body is unable to digest the pollens. However, when blended into honey the honey preserves the bee pollen and the slightly acidic pH of honey breaks the pollens down so that they are more easily digested. Bees preserve pollen in honey so it makes perfect sense.

To obtain the maximum benefits from the bee pollen try to eat Pollen Plus® with a little fruit so that the enzymes in the fruit can help to break it down further.  Lots of our frequent buyers like to blend a teaspoon into a smoothie. Pollen Plus® is also rich in Carotenoids - the orange yellow plant pigments that are magnificent antioxidants.  To best metabolize this nutritious powerhouse, eat your Pollen Plus® with a little fat such as a nut butter, coconut oil, butter, avocado (try a slice of avocado in your smoothie), whole milk, yogurt, etc.