We are crazy about local, raw San Diego honey.  We think it's a miracle product and have spent years sourcing the best of the best.  We pride ourselves in sourcing only true, local, raw, minimally filtered, delicious San Diego and Temecula honey.

All of our beekeepers have been honing their craft for an average of 30 years. They love their bees.  They respect the work that the bees do and the integrity of the honey produced.  The value of our local, raw San Diego honey is kept intact throughout our process. We take our time, slowly pouring this beautiful, natural Raw Honey by hand into our bears and jars.  

San Diego Honey Company® is a family-owned company dedicated to providing top quality products to any honey lover willing to taste SoCal's sweet nectar.

San Diego Honey Company® was founded by Rachel Adams in 2011. Rachel created the Pollen Plus® and San Diego Honey Company® brands building a reputation for excellence and high quality products. Rachel’s innovative infused honeys, packaging designs, online presence, outstanding customer service, sales to and relationships with other local businesses grew the company into a well known business in San Diego and beyond. In December 2015 Rachel sold the business to pursue exciting new adventures.


Photo by Bellamy Photography of San Diego