About Raw San Diego Honey

We are crazy about local, raw Southern California honey.  It's an amazing product and our company has spent years sourcing the best of the best.  Our local raw honey is a true raw food packed with vitamins, minerals and enzymes.  Raw honey has been used for thousands of years to treat and cure all sorts of issues.  We pride ourselves in sourcing only true, honest to goodness local, raw, minimally filtered, delicious Southern California honey.

The beekeepers we work with have been honing their craft for an average of 30 years. They love their bees and respect the work that the bees do as well as the integrity of the honey produced. 

Many people are searching for local honey because they have heard that it can help with seasonal allergies. To tell you that it helps would be considered medical advice and requires a medical degree so we won't do that - but we can tell you that many, many people have been really happy with the results that they have been getting for years now using our popular Pollen Plus Raw San Diego Honey and San Diego Bee Pollen blend.  We carefully select the best raw San Diego honey available and create an exclusive blend with beautiful natural bee pollen sourced from hives in Rancho Santa Fe. Aside from the allergy issue, this is an extremely beneficial product.  Bee Pollen is packed with nutrients and is considered one of the world's most perfect foods.

Bee Pollen contains: at least 18 Amino Acids, the building blocks of protein - needed to build every cell of the body; Vitamins and Minerals; Essential Fatty Acids; Carotenoids and Bioflavenoids; Active Enzymes.  

For detoxification and cleansing, bee pollen contains Phenylalanine which helps to suppress the appetite and Leicthin which helps to dissolve and flush fat.  It is thought to rejuvenate the body and stimulate the organs, as well as enhance vitality and recovery from exertion.  All this and it tastes amazingly good!

The honey preserves the bee pollen, and the pH of the honey helps to predigest the local bee pollen which assists your body in absorbing all of the amazing nutrients.

In addition to our popular Pollen Plus, we carry an extensive range of raw Southern California floral honeys which all taste drastically different based on the specific flowers. At San Diego Honey Company, we are constantly finding new ways to get creative and play with flavors.  One of our most popular honeys is our Cinnamon Infused Honey. Although we call this an infusion, which often indicates heat is used, this is actually a delicious Raw Honey that has had an organic cinnamon bark extract added to it.  We created the Cinnamon Honey not only for its incredible flavor but also because of the many reported benefits of cinnamon and honey. Our Ginger & Lemon honey is also a raw honey that has long been one of our customers favorites. Try it on oatmeal, over toast, in salad dressing or added to tea.

Stop by our San Diego Farmers Markets to taste all of the raw Southern California honey we have to offer!