Pollen Plus ® Information

San Diego Bee Pollen

Pollen Plus® is one of our most popular products that people keep coming back for more. Lots of fresh bee pollen is carefully blended into our Local Raw Honey to preserve all the benefits of both. 

Pollen Plus® is especially popular with people suffering from pollen allergies.  We cannot give medical advice, nor do we wish to, but we can say that the testimonial evidence from people who say this product makes them feel great is overwhelming.  We even have customers who feed it to their dogs and are very happy with the results.

Fresh bee pollen is quite fragile and should be kept frozen immediately after harvest. Once the pellets become hard (like gravel) your body is unable to digest the pollens. However, when blended into honey the honey preserves the bee pollen and the slightly acidic pH of honey breaks the pollens down so that they are more easily digested. Bees preserve pollen in honey so it makes perfect sense.

To obtain the maximum benefits from the bee pollen try to eat Pollen Plus® with a little fruit so that the enzymes in the fruit can help to break it down further.  Lots of our frequent buyers like to blend a teaspoon into a smoothie. Pollen Plus® is also rich in Carotenoids - the orange yellow plant pigments that are magnificent antioxidants.  To best metabolize this nutritious powerhouse, eat your Pollen Plus® with a little fat such as a nut butter, coconut oil, butter, avocado (try a slice of avocado in your smoothie), whole milk, yogurt, etc.