Here's What People Are Saying...


"I have been looking for a great local honey source for a long time and finally found it!  SO honey, where have you been all my life?!  I'd be lost without my cinnamon honey." 

  - Justice

 "The best honey we've found - we only buy our honey from the San Diego Honey Company."

  - Ray & Deborah 


"I purchased honey from San Diego Honey Co at the Solana Beach Farmer's Market.  Not only was it very sweet and tasty, it has been a great source of relief for my allergies.  I recommend them highly."

  - Myia


"This is my favorite local honey!  I plan my trips to the Farmer's Market to make sure I get to stop in.  The seasonal flavors never disappoint and always exceed expectations.  The Pollen Plus has been an excellent addition to my health routine.  I've definitely seen an improvement in my seasonal allergies.  The jams are a treat!"

  - Laurie M. 

"The Cinnamon honey is amazing! I put it in my iced coffee every morning (mixed with a little warm water first). Totally addictive! My kids also mix it in their yogurt every morning - they even like it better than commercially sweetened yogurt and I'm happy because it's better for them."

  - Dee S.

"The Habanero & Chipotle Infused honey from San Diego Honey Company is absolutely phenomenal. So many complex flavors! It's sweet, but packs a little kick. It's not too spicy, but really good on a lot of different things like bread, biscuits, even chicken. Amazing!!"

  - J. Bridges

"We got WONDERFUL honey varieties this past Sunday! Grapefruit Blossom (ohhhh my), Citrus-infused, and Sage-and-Rosemary-infused honeys. Heaven. And we tasted pretty much everything on the table. What a gift!"

  - Claudia

"The best honey I've ever had.  I use it on toast, cereal and anything really.  I love this honey.  Thank you."

  - Anonymous