Collection: CBD Infused Honey

Try our new CBD Infused Honey blends!

We have worked closely with renowned CBD specialists and the premier labs across San Diego to bring you these specially developed blends of Raw Honey infused with the highest-quality CBD. 

Our "Daytime" blend has been formulated to help provide you with an extra natural boost in the morning with notably improved energy and focus. Our "Nighttime" blend has been formulated to help you ease into a peaceful slumber and stay there during the night, while also targeting areas of the body in need of pain relief as you sleep.

These honeys have a distinct herbal flavor and we recommend stirring one teaspoon (1 tsp) into your favorite morning or bedtime beverages. Each 12oz Honey Bear bottle contains 48 servings. The CBD has been professionally extracted by PBX Standard from the highest quality Live Resin Sativa & Indica. PBX Standard uses a liquefied gas extraction process similar to how essential oils are extracted. This process originated in Bulgaria for extracting rose oil.

Please note: these blends contains less than 0.3% THC.