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Pollen Plus® Ginger Lemon - Bee Pollen & Raw Honey

Pollen Plus® Ginger Lemon - Bee Pollen & Raw Honey

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Honey Ingredients

  • Raw California Wildflower Honey from beehives in Oceanside, California.
  • Fresh Southern California Bee Pollen
  • Organic Ginger
  • Lemon

About Pollen Plus® Ginger Lemon

This is made with fresh bee pollen and raw honey as well as ginger and lemon for an added burst of flavor. Bee Pollen is considered one of the planet's most nutritious, naturally occurring foods. It contains a large variety of amino acids, fatty acids, carotenoids, vitamins and minerals including rutin and selenium. To get the most benefits out of this blend, eat it with a little fat like a nut butter or whole milk yogurt. It is also great added to your smoothie!

Pollen Plus is very popular with local pollen allergy sufferers. Our locals take a teaspoon a day. Please do not blend this into anything hot, like coffee or tea, as the heat will destroy all of the amazing benefits of the bee pollen. Honey is the natural preserver of bee pollen, so even though this is a fresh bee pollen, it is shelf stable and does not need to be kept in the fridge or freezer.

12 oz. Jar

To find out more, read our blog post about Pollen Plus®.


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